The Blues Society on Taiwan
2013 Blues Bash! 10

Blues Bash's "Big Ten" 

Taiwan's Premier Blues Festival to Host Canadian Blues Rock artist Wolf Mail and other international artists on Nov. 16 in Taipei

11/16 (Sat) 14:00-23:00
TAV Cafe and Taipei Artist Village │台北國際藝術村及藝術村餐坊  
No.7, Beipin
(g East Rd.,Taipei │台北市中正區北平東路7號

The Blues Society on Taiwan (BSoT) is hosting the 10th Blues Bash on Saturday, Nov. 16th, at the Taipei Artist Village. The BSoT continues its yearly tradition of bringing top-caliber international acts to Taiwan with headliners Wolf Mail, Curtis 'King' Kovach, Matt 'Cadillac' Cooper and Nacomi set to grace the stage this year.

"This is a real milestone of us, the tenth Blues Bash in Taiwan," said DC Rapier, event organizer and founder of the BSoT.  "Over the years, we’ve been very encouraged by the growth of the local blues scene. More and more venues and festivals are including blues music as part of their programs.”

This year's headliner, Wolf Mail originally of Montreal, will surely inspire Taipei music fans with his blues rock sound. The 41-year-old Wolf Mail is a veteran musician who has been touring since he was 19 years old and is often see on stages in Europe, Japan and Australia.  "He's a great player and an incredibly dynamic performer. It's taken us years to match up his very busy schedule gigging all around the world with an appearance at the Blues Bash," says Rapier.

Since forming in 2005, the BSoT has hosted a long line of international artists who regularly tour blues circuits all over the world. The Society also continues to nurture and develop the local blues scene in Taipei and Taiwan. Blues Bashers this year will see local favorites such as Chicago-style blues outfit BoPoMoFo, the blues and swing group Jelly Roll Affair, and newer and up-and-coming acts like 3 Jam and Two of a Kind.

This year's Blues Bash also includes female blues singer and guitarist Nacomi, returning from Japan, whose soulful blues style and playful band-mates always gets the crowd moving.

Formed in 2005, the Blues Society on Taiwan is a non-profit cultural organization registered with the city of Taipei. All proceeds from the sale of tickets and BSoT merchandise directly support the cost of the festival. Parties wishing to support live blues music in Taiwan are encouraged to contact the BSoT by email or through the BSoT Facebook page:

The festival starts at 2pm and runs until 11 pm. Tickets are NT$500 for BSoT member (NT$800 for non-member) and will be available at the door on the day of the event. Paid members of the Blues Society will receive a discount on the admission price. Taipei Artist Village is located at #7 Beiping East Road, Taipei (台北市北平東路7).

第十屆藍調音樂節即將在11/16日於台北國際藝術村隆重登場,除了跟往年一樣有台灣多位重量級藍調樂團之外,今年更有 Wolf Mail, Curtis 'King' Kovach, Matt 'Cadillac' Cooper 以及 Nacomi 增添色彩!!!

Wolf Mail originally of Montrea是今年的壓軸樂團。喜愛藍調音樂的樂迷對此應該感到非常的興奮以及期待!Wolf Mail今年41歲,他從19歲開始表演就在歐洲,澳大利亞以及日本到處巡迴演出!這次特別邀請到他們來台灣藍調音樂節,更為第十屆台灣藍調音樂祭增添色彩!



台灣藍調協會以及藍調音樂節的創始人D.C Rapier 表示: 十年,真的是一個很重要的里程碑!在BSoT努力推廣之下台灣藍調音樂日漸茁壯,越來越多人了解並喜愛藍調!!




DC Rapier


More information on this year's artists

Wolf Mail,                         

Curtis 'King' Kovach                          

Matthew 'Cadillac' Cooper       

2012 Blues Bash! 9 
September 23rd @ the Taipei Artists Village 

Get your Blues on all day long!

9/23(Sun) 14:00-22:30
TAV Cafe and Taipei Artist Village │台北國際藝術村及藝術村餐坊  
No.7, Beipin
(g East Rd.,Taipei │台北市中正區北平東路7號

14 bands; featuring Magda Piskorczyk, Ken 'the Snowman' Minahan, Shun Kikuta, Golden Melody Award winners, David Chen, Conor Prunty & the Muddy Basin Ramblers, Golden Indie Award nominee, Chen Mo, plus the usual suspects plus a few surprises...
Wild Alibis, BoPoMoFo, Nick Brown, Mike Mudd, Kenyatta Funksters, 3 Jam, Blue Direction, Two of a Kind, proJAct B and Jesse Helton.

Tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the event. Tickets are NT$500 for BSoT member and for s
tudents with valid student I.D.s. Non-members will be asked to pay NT$800. BSoT memberships will be available at the door; a donation of NT$1000 gets a ticket, a membership, 10 raffle tickets and a beverage.

9 hours of music and fun for NT$500. Such a deal! The BSoT members will get discount prices on all BSoT events from now until our next Blues Bash, including future Blues Cruises. (Our next one is being planned now for Oct or Nov.) BSoT members will also get discounts at participating local venues, shops and restaurants.

第九屆 Blues Bash 將在台北國際藝術村舉行
我們還邀請到著名的藍調女歌手 Magda Piskorczyk ,
Ken 'the Snowman' Minahan, 菊田俊介 (Shun kikuta),金曲獎獨立製作David Chen, Conor Prunty &泥灘地浪人樂團 (the Muddy Basin Ramblers),Chen MoWild Alibis 
BoPoMoFo Nick Brown Mike Mudd Kenyatta Funksters 3 JamBlue Direction 
Two of a KindproJAct B, and Jesse Helton. 
Get your Blues on all day long!


入場票將在活動當天入口處販售。BSOT會員及出示有效件的學生得以五百元享有票價。非BOST會員者票價為八百元整。欲成為BSOT會員者可於當日在入口處辦理。當日捐款一仟元贊助藍調撞擊派對9活動者可獲得到當日入場票,一年BOST會員資格,十張活動抽將票及一杯飲料花五百元就能享受九小時的藍調音樂,實在是很划算。 從入會到明年藍調撞擊派之前,BSOT會員都得享有活動折扣,包括預計十月或十一月所要舉辦的藍調音樂遊船。另外,出示BSOT會員資格也得在某些商店及餐廳享有折扣

The Blues Cruise Maiden voyage
on Jul
y 28th

Great music and great Creole food on a Mississippi Riverboat plying the Tamshui River at sunset featuring;

Shun Kikuta

David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers
the Blues Vibrations
BB Cooky
Mike Mudd
Nick Brown 

The party is completely sold out!! MORE DETAILS please visit our Facebook Event Pages 
Saturday, November 5 · 4:30pm - 11:00pm

Dream Girls, Core Pacific Mall 
(Living Mall) 
12F, 138 Bade Rd, sec.4
Taipei, Taiwan

That's right! A Guy Fawkes Day celebration. 
Play some Blues for the old guy. 
Wear a 'V' for Vendetta mask and win a copy of BoPoMoFo's album, 'Hell Froze Over'.

Headliners and featured artists include:

Nacomi and her band (Japan)
Shun Kikuta (Japan)
David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers
Blues Vibrations
BB Cooky & Stevie
Taipei Rocket 88
FunSong Band

The BSoT is also proud and thrilled to present a very unexpected and intriguing music experience: marimbist Pascal Pons will roll out some Blues with cellist, Frederic Audibert, and a Blues guitar trio featuring guitarist Shun Kikuta and Chris Wabich on drums. This should be amazing.

Musical missionary spreads blues in Taiwan

 Publication Date:05/20/2011

• Source: Taiwan Today

• By Elaine Hou

BoPoMoFo, a blues band, performs at Capone’s Italian Dinnerhouse May 6 in Taipei City.

 (Staff photo/Elaine Hou)

On Friday nights, more than gourmet food is served at Capone’s Italian Dinnerhouse in downtown Taipei City. From 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., diners also have a chance to feast their ears on performances by BoPoMoFo—an amateur band with professional skills and execution.

The band, which has been performing gigs at the restaurant for the last three years, is on a mission to spread the gospel of the blues in Taiwan, where interest in the genre has been quite muted.

Founded by Chicago-native DC Rapier in 2005, the five-member group has a Canadian bass player, a German keyboardist, a Japanese guitar player and an American drummer. Rapier, the lead singer, also plays the harmonica, guitar and tenor saxophone.

“Playing the blues at the restaurant helps us introduce the music to many people who never ever go to a blues concert,” Rapier told Taiwan Today in an exclusive interview May 2.

But Rapier’s efforts to popularize the music go far beyond his weekly shows at the restaurant. He is also the president of The Blues Society on Taiwan, a nonprofit cultural organization that he founded in 2004 to promote an appreciation of the music.

“After I moved here, one thing I really missed from back home was the fact that there was no blues here,” said Rapier, who has lived in Taiwan for 21 years. In Taiwan, jazz has been far more popular than the blues, he added.

It is a situation that does not sit well with Rapier. “Unless you have an idea of what the blues are, it’s impossible to understand what jazz is,” he said. “These two kinds of music actually grew up together.”

Blues and jazz did not begin to go their separate ways until the late 1940s, mostly as a result of different instrumentation, Rapier said. For example, the former usually incorporates guitars, pianos and harmonicas, along with vocals, while the latter is mostly based on pianos, and is often performed without a singer. “But they always come back together,” Rapier added.

In addition to jazz, the blues gave birth to rhythm & blues, rock ‘n’ roll, country western, heavy metal, soul and pop. As legendary blues musician Willie Dixon once said, “The blues is the root. Everything else is the fruit.” The great fecundity of the blues is due to its emphasis on improvisation, according to musicologists.

The enormous historical influence of the blues is one reason why Rapier is introducing it to Taiwan. He also hopes musicians in other genres can gain a better understanding of the origin of their music.

As an affiliate of the Memphis-based international organization Blues Foundation, the BSOT has connections with many blues musicians, festivals and hundreds of organizations, Rapier said, adding that his group now has some 1,000 Taiwanese and international volunteers.

To cater to fellow blues lovers and expand their numbers, the BSOT has organized a number of events over the past few years. One of these has been Blues Bash, an annual festival held since 2005 that features performances by well-known blues musicians from around the world.

Turnouts at the festival have increased year after year, a sign that the society’s efforts are paying off. “In the past three or four years, there’ve been more Taiwanese people in the audience than foreigners,” Rapier said.

More information on the 2011 Blues Bash, scheduled to take place this November, will be given out in the coming months, Rapier added.

The BSOT also holds workshops at venues such as record shops, during which outstanding international guitar and harmonica players are invited to give instrumental lessons to Taiwanese youth, mostly in their early 20s.

“Because of the workshops we’ve had, more and more young Taiwanese are contacting us and have put together their bands,” Rapier said. “This is part of our goal.”

DC Rapier, founder of The Blues Society on Taiwan, explains his motivation for promoting an appreciation of the music May 2 in Taipei City. 

(Staff photo/Chen Mei-ling)

Chicago blues is the most popular form of the blues in Taiwan, according to Rapier. Its popularity is due to the fact that it involves drums and electric guitars, a genre similar to rock ‘n’ roll, which many Taiwanese are already familiar with, he said.

Another reason for the music’s popularity is that listeners find it easier to dance to. “This also shows people that blues is meant to be danced to, meant to have fun with,” Rapier said, adding that one of the best ways to respond to music is to get up and shake it all about.

While the blues dates back to the late 1800s—it was developed by southern African-Americans, who combined African spirituals and work songs with European-American folk music from Appalachia—the music is “not some museum piece.”

“We’re not trying to just recreate what was done years ago,” Rapier said. “We’re doing it because we want to have fun too.”

Rapier also clarified a common misconception about the blues—that all its songs are extremely sad. While the blues arose from the shared experiences of African-Americans suffering poverty and socio-political repression, it has been fun music performed at parties and dances as well.

Indeed, one thing that has led to the widespread popularity of the blues the world over is its close ties to everyday life experiences—just as a person can at times be sad, funny or angry, so can the blues. “The music talks about a story that everybody can identify with,” Rapier said.

In its efforts to promote the blues in Taiwan, BoPoMoFo released its first album “Hell Froze Over” in December 2009. Recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis—where Elvis Presley recorded his first hit “That’s All Right”—it has nine original songs by Rapier, one by the band’s keyboardist Klaus Tseng, and a bluesy version of the Beatles’ song “I Saw Her Standing There.”

With their unflagging enthusiasm and exceptional talent, the band has also played with blues heavyweights such as pianist Mitch Woods, harmonica player Matt Kelly, guitarist Shun Kikuta and singer Joanna Connor.

Recently Kikuta has been playing every Friday at Capone’s with BoPoMoFo, an opportunity the band highly appreciates. After attending the 2005 Blues Bash, the Japanese musician decided to spend a few months in Taiwan every year to help expand the local blues scene.

“I always respect BoPoMoFo because of their love of the blues,” Kikuta said, adding that BSOT members are his brothers in Taiwan due to their mutual passion for the music.

“As Kikuta plays at different clubs around Taiwan, I know he’ll be influencing a lot of young guitar players,” Rapier said. (HZW) 

The Blues Foundation  MEDIA ALERT



[Memphis, Tenn.] The Blues Foundation's 27th International Blues Challenge ended on Saturday February 5th, 2011 with two packed shows at the Orpheum Theatre. Out of 220 acts from 40 states and 13 countries that competed for top honors throughout the weekend only two can be called winner in the solo/duo and band competition.

For the second consecutive year a non-American act won the solo/duo category thus solidifying the global scope of the event. The solo/duo winner was Germany's Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder, sponsored by the Baltic Blues Society in Eutin, Germany. The second place honors went to Canadian Harrison Kennedy from the Canal Bank Shuffle in Thorold, Ontario, Canada.

For the first time in event history, the top prize in the band competition goes to a former solo/duo category winner. 2008 IBC solo/duo winner Lionel Young returned with The Lionel Young Band to win on behalf of the Colorado Blues Society. Second place honors were earned by Mary Bridget Davies of the Kansas City Blues Society, and the third spot went to Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues hailing from the Windy City Blues Society.

Another event first was the bestowing of IBC's Best Harmonica Player. Yet another international participant, Stephane Bertolino from the French band AWEK, won for Blues Sur Seine.

The Best Guitarist Award was given to Rob Blaine of Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues. He walks away with beautiful blue custom Gibson guitar featuring The Blues Foundation's logo and a Category 5 amp.

In the Best Self-Produced CD contest, the judges crowned 'Get Inside This House'by Joe McMurrian of the Cascade Blues Association in Portland, OR.

The finalists in the solo/duo category were: Back Porch Stomp -(Washington Blues Society, WA), Izzy & Chris (West Virginia Blues Society), The Juke Joint Devils (Massachusetts Blues Society),  The Mighty Orq (Houston Blues Society, TX), Big Jim Adam & John Stilwagen (Colorado Blues Society) and JT Blues (Billtown Blues Association, PA).

The finalists in the band competition were: Randy Oxford Band (South Sound Blues Association, WA), Stevie J & the Blues Eruption (Central Mississippi Blues Society, MS), Grand Marquis (Topeka Blues Society, KS), Alex Wilson (Grafton Blues Association, WI), The Sugar Prophets (Illinois Central Blues Club),

Blues societies all over the world will soon be starting all over again as they begin their own competitions to determine who they will send to the 28th International Blues Challenge, the finals of which will be staged January 31 - February 4, 2012.


For more info visit
For interview requests or photos, please call




The Dream Community Taipei (
in association with The Blues Society On Taiwan (BSoT) ( are proud to present:


~ The Rising Hedons' Bradley Tindall (Gypsy Rock & Roll on a bed of Blues) TAICHUNG ~
~ Jack Conqueroo (One-Man Delta Blues Band) KAOHSIUNG ~
~ DC Rapier (Blues with a Feeling) TAIPEI ~

DATE: Saturday, December 4th, 2010
TIME: Doors at 7:00 pm (Video Release Party) First performance at 8:00 pm

+ Music Video Release Party in the main room for Jack Conqueroo's new music video C'MON!
+ Party Bus from Taichung City!

Direction infos please press here -> English/Chinese

Special 'Friend of the Band' BB7 Ticket Price

The BSoT is offering a special 'Friend of the Band' ticket price to Blues fans.
Contact a member of a band playing the BB7 to get a ticket to the BB7 concerts on Nov 19 or 20 for the special price of NT$350! That's a savings of NT$100 off the already low price of the advance ticket price of NT$450.
Tell your band buddy to contact Cherry at Infine-Arts. +(886) 2 27 29 22 97
Your tickets will be held in 'Will Call' at the door of the Dream Community Theater of the Blues Bash 7. 
You can pick them up there. Act now!
These specially priced tickets are a limited offer in limited number.

Chinese Version and More infos, Please visit Blues Bash 7 official Blog -- BB7 official Blog

Blues Bash 7 artist Mick Kilgos -- FREE drum clinic

On Sunday, Nov 21st, Blues Bash artist Mick Kilgos will lead a drum clinic at Tun Huang Music from 3 to 5pm.
The focus will be on Blues, R&B and Soul drumming styles and techniques. The clinic is free.

Tun Huang Music Address: Chien Guo North rd, section 2, #1, 1F (02)2508-0066
Website --

Here's a short bio for Mick:

"Mick Kilgos is a veteran of the legendary ‘Chitlin’ Circuit’ where he honed his chops as a Blues and R&B drummer and learned to ‘lay back in the pocket and groove’ in front of some of the most demanding audiences on the planet. Born and raised just south of Chicago, he’s played all over the USA; recording in Nashville, LA and South Florida. Mick now makes the Bay Area his home, playing with the finest visiting Blues artists such as Rick Estrin, Garth Hudson, Tracey Nelson, Mitch Woods and Roger ‘Hurricane’ Wilson to name a few. "

Blues Bash N°7

The 7th Annual Blues Bash is around the corner. This Blues Music Festival will be hold on Nov 19 to Nov 20. The Line-up of this year is gonna blow out your mind!! If you missed last year, you definitely don't want to miss this one!! 

More infos, please visit the Blues Bash 7 official blog below. 
or just simply hit the Blues Bash 7 Logo!!



The Blues Society (BSoT), a non-profit cultural society registered in Taiwan, is dedicated to promoting an appreciation of the Blues. The BSoT is an official affiliate of the Blues Foundation and a member of the worldwide community of Blues organizations. 

The BSoT's purpose is to foster a sense of Community for all those individuals who share a passion for the Blues and/or for the many genres of music based on the Blues - Jazz, R&B, Bluegrass and Rock & Roll. The BSoT wishes to represent and serve the Blues Community by:

  • Organizing and promoting Blues-based music events
  • Sponsoring workshops, seminars and other educational events
  • Encouraging shops to carry a wider selection of Blues and Jazz recordings
  • Advocating the inclusion of Blues, Jazz, R&B... in radio play-lists
  • Facilitating the creation of a vibrant network of musicians who play the Blues
  • Inspiring young musicians to play the Blues.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BSoT or more directly involving with our projects, please contact us by email at


BoPoMoFo’s CD “Hell Froze Over” release parties (1/8-9)

The Blues Society presents the long awaited, nearly legendary 2007 Sun Studio recording sessions of BoPoMoFo, Taiwan's foremost proponent of hard rockin' Chicago Blues. The CD was released in Taipei on December 17th and will soon be available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody. The CD will also be available in Taipei at Capone's and AlleyCat'sPizza and can be also be ordered by email ( Two release parties will be organized: at Capone's on Friday, January 8, 2010 and at AlleyCat's (HuaShan Art District Branch) on Saturday January 9, 2010.

Blues Workshop at Capone’s (11/15)

The Blues Society organized a workshop for the children studying at the American School to meet with the performers of the Blues Bash N°6, including Miami’s guitar master Darrell Raines, in the restaurant/live music pub Capone’s, who is a long time supporter of the Blues community in Taiwan. The workshop was also supported by Taiwanese drums and saxophone maker Cadeson.

Blues Bash N°6 featuring Darrell Raines (11/13-14)

“Taiwan’s True Blues Festival” is organized since 2005 by the Blues Society of Taiwan. The N°6 edition, promoted by Infine Art, took place in Taipei on Friday Nov. 13 at Roxy Roots and in Xizi on Saturday Nov. 14 at the Dream Community. It featured will feature the cream of the crop of both international and local bands, starring for the first time in Taiwan Miami's guitar master, Darrell Raines. The two evenings resulted in approximately 1,000 audience, confirming the strong development potential of the Blues audiences in Taiwan. See the web page.